The All Academic Team

The All Academic team is made up of experienced academics and professional programmers. We have been working with academic associations for more than twenty years, and have helped run hundreds of academic conferences. We understand conferences, and have the technical expertise to provide solutions to the most complex problems. Our software is designed to be flexible and powerful, but our greatest strength is our team's expertise and experience.

Hosting / Server Facilities

All Academic's software is hosted on our servers. This means we are responsible for maintaining and updating the equipment, and you can focus your attention on running your conference.

All Academic's servers are hosted in a state of the art data center that is fully equipped with a comprehensive set of safety and security systems that guard against any conceivable threat, including fire, earthquake, physical and virtual attacks. All data center systems, including power management, environmental, and network architecture, are equipped with backup systems.

Systems Information

All Academic runs its software on Linux-based servers. We regularly maintain and upgrade all equipment and software as part of our clients' contracts. Our clients receive all upgrades automatically.

Data Policies

Our primary concern is our clients' data. We maintain strict policies to minimize risk against accidental or unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction and assure the availability and integrity of all data, and to maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive data. We apply appropriate physical and technical safeguards without creating unjustified obstacles to the conduct of the business our clients and the provision of services to our users.

All software features are designed and written, first and foremost, to protect data.