Tired of sending papers in the mail and coordinating with colleagues to complete the review process? All Academic Convention™ allows total control of the review process online.

  • Configurable to work with nearly any review process
  • Blinded or Unblinded review
  • Setup your own scoring preferences
  • Tools for real-time monitoring of the reviewers' progress
  • Automatic PDF conversion of papers and other documents
  • Submission and review process for convention papers, abstracts, posters, and sessions
  • Review, accept, or reject paper and abstract submissions on-line
  • Secure links for competitive review of paper and abstract submissions
  • Make statistical comparisons between papers and reviewers, including z-scores, averages, rates, scoring and ordering
  • Status reports to track individual reviewers
  • No limit to the number of reviewers per submission
  • Multiple levels and/or multiple rounds of review
  • E-mail tool and message center to send customized messages (reminders, etc.) to any or all reviewers