All Academic 101

All Academic 101 is our entry level convention product. It combines the experience of our advanced All Academic 601 with the simplicity of a self-service system for your small conference. With All Academic 101 you have the power to choose your submission types, review criteria, conference settings, scheduling and online program availability, and much more!

* Allows up to 400 submissions

* Up to 10 submission fields in addition to author information

* Individual submissions and session submissions accepted

* Upload file, abstract, or full paper, converted to PDF for secure viewing

* Password protected login for authors, reviewers and administrators

* Confirmation messages sent to authors upon account creation and submission

* Internal message system for tracking messages

* Assign abstracts, papers and sessions to reviewers based on keyword or individually

* Abstracts and reviewer grades available in summary page

* Administrator can create panels and sessions for scheduling

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