Introducing All Academic Convention version 4

Improvements include:

More consistent look, improved navigation and better stability.

The software has been rebuilt to be more consistent in every way. The new liquid layout will even let users take advantage of larger wide-screen monitors while still maintaining compatibility with older equipment. This means the site will be even more stable, and more user-friendly.

More file types accepted for upload

We have added Microsoft docx files and OpenOffice files to the list of file types we accept for upload. This means we now accept all of the most common word processor, spreadsheet and presentation document types.

More powerful tools for administrators to configure and manage nearly every element of the site.

Administrative tools are the most noticeable additions to this version. This means administrators should now be able to complete many of the basic tasks that may have previously required a call or email to All Academic.

More and better tracking and statisitical information available to all users.

Summary statistics appear on the main menu and in other useful locations. This means fewer clicks to see the data you need.

A new tool bar.

At the top of every page we will display some key information, including a link to the message center with a display of the number of read/unread messages, a system time-out display to warn users when their session will expire, and a link to the reports system for administrators with the number of reports requested and completed.

More flexibility in creating web forms

. . . including the ability to change the order of fields in submission forms. This means submission forms can be designed to better fit your process.

And much more. . .