Communication Tools

All Academic’s Convention product provides multiple tools to help you communicate with your users. These tools include:

  • Automatic Email Notifications

  • Bulk Email

  • A Message Center

  • Social Media Sharing


Automatic Email Notifications

Some actions in the All Academic Convention software can be associated with automatic emails. For example, when a user completes the process of submitting a paper, they will automatically receive an email confirming that they have completed the process of submitting. Automatic emails can also be tied to other processes as well, including:

  • Completion of a volunteer processes (such as volunteering to review, or to be the chair of a session).

  • Responding to an invitation (such as an invitation to review or to present at your event).

  • Proposal of a transfer of a submission from one unit/division/strand to another.


Bulk Email

The All Academic bulk email system is a very powerful and flexible communication tool. Administrators can send email messages to groups of people based on many different criteria. Examples include:

  • Notification and reminder messages to reviewers.

  • Acceptance messages to submitters that can be filtered by type of submission.

  • Rejection messages.

  • Messages to Unit/Division/Strand Planners/Chairs/Coordinators.

  • Messages to participants based on their role in a session (chairs, discussants, respondents, presenters etc.)

  • Thank you letters to volunteers.

  • Invitations to review.

  • Invitations to present.

  • Reminders to register.

  • And much more.

Letters can include automatically mail-merged data allowing you to save letter templates that produce individualized letters per recipient. You messages can include far too many fields to list, but some of the most common are:

  • Recipients name, and nearly any data collected about the recipient.

  • Scheduling information for scheduled sessions (time, room, building, etc.).

  • Title of an accepted or rejected submission.

  • Titles of submissions assigned to reviewers (with or without author information).

  • Type of submisison and nearly any other field collected about a submission.

  • Participants, paper titles, participant email address and other information about a session.

  • And much more.


Message Center

All email messages that are sent through the All Academic software are copied into the “Message Center” of both the sender and the recipient. The Message Center interface serves as a backup to the emails. This means all intended message recipients can login to their email account and see messages that were not received via email due to an incorrect email address or overly sensitive SPAM blockers, as well as messages that were inadvertently deleted. Message senders always have searchable record of what they sent.


Social Media Sharing

The online program provides options to share pages directly to Twitter, Facebook, or by using a generated shortened url.